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Washi Wise Men Card


Never throw away scrapes of patterned or colourful paper and you can make sweet little paper dolls.  I have been really inspired recently by washi ningyo, these are little Japanese paper dolls (washi means Japanese paper and ningyo means doll).  To me they seemed to lend themselves to making a nativity scene (coming soon) and I created this card using the wise men design.  This does not need to be done with washi, any patterned or colourful paper will work.

Washi Wise Men

You will need:

  • White, light-weight card
  • A selection of patterned/colourful paper (small scraps can be used)
  • Any embellishments you choose (I used beads, gold and silver pen, felt-tip pen and embroidery thread)
  • Glue stick or double sided tape
  • Blank card

What to do:

    1. Print or trace the body template onto the white card.  Cut out as many as desired.
    2. To make the robe:
      1. Cut paper 4cm x 8.5cm.  Place so it is taller than it is wide.
      2. If desired, fold down the top of the paper a little to make a collar.
      3. Place the paper right side down and then place the body on the centre, so the head is above the top of the paper.
      4. Fold one side down over the shoulders and crease along the edge of the shoulders but no further.
      5. Fold the rest of this edge along the vertical side and ease the paper where the angle changes.  So that the fold is almost horizontal.  Carefully stick to the body.
      6. Repeat on the opposite side.
      7. Add any decorations you choose.
    3. To make the turban:
      1. Cut paper to 7cm x 2.5cm.  Place so it is wider than it is tall.
      1. Fold the long sides in so that they almost meet in the middle.
      2. Fold in half length ways so you have a long thin strip.
      3. Place it behind the head.
      4. Fold one side up over the face at an angle about 45° and repeat with the other side.
      5. Fold the uppermost strip down behind the turban and tuck into the strip at the back of the head and repeat.
      6. Carefully stick to the head and decorate as you please.
    1. To make the star:
      1.  Cut paper to 2cm x 2cm.
      2. Mark the central point and fold the corners in so they meet in the middle, creating a smaller square.
      3. Pull the corners out again and fold so that the points stick out.
      4. Turn over.
    1. Arrange on the blank card and carefully stick down.
    2. Add any other decorations you desire.

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Body template


Brown Paper Wrapping


This year I’m designing my own wrapping paper using brown paper.   This is not the very cheapest option (really cheap wrapping paper does cost less than brown paper) but if you need something more durable brown paper is much cheaper than the better quality wrapping papers.  Then simply decorate as you please, try using things that need using up or resources you already have.  I made some birthday paper the other day simply by rubber stamping on to brown paper which looks lovely.

But I am creating my Christmas wrapping paper by staining the brown paper with tissue paper and crepe paper and then doodling on it with gold pen.

I happen to have loads of tissue paper which isn’t colour fast.  If you place wet (not colour fast) tissue paper or crepe paper onto paper (or any surface) the dye with bleed onto and stain the paper.  This could also be done by cutting shapes out of tissue paper and spacing them out.

Paper Rose Rings


These paper rose rings are adorable and can be made from pages of old books or magazines!  I bought two ring blanks for 99p, the paper was free and they look amazing!

The instructions suggest you need a quilling tool, I found it was quite easy to do this just by wrapping the paper around the end of a wooden kebab skewer.