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Felt Dahlia Brooch


I love this gorgeous design for a brooch made from felt.  Its quite easy although does require a lot of patience while waiting for the glue to dry.


Ring of Christmas Elves Decoration


I fell in love with this tutorial for a ring of colourful little gnomes and within 24 hours of finding it I had completed my own Christmassy ring of little elves.

Christmas Elves Ring

I made mine entirely with things I had in which was incredibly satisfying.  I adapted it slightly according to what I had ( I didn’t have any pipe cleaners but I found a bit of jewellery wire but I think the pipe cleaner must make a firmer base.  I also felted some beads, just because I happened to have some felting wool and didn’t have little wooden beads).

I also added blanket stitch, hair and tassels just because I felt like it, they are beautiful without it.