Pyjama Bottoms


Last week I told you how I turned a worn out pair of pyjamas into a pattern.  Now I’ll show you how I’ve used it to make a new pair of pyjamas out of a pair of curtains I bought in a charity shop.  You will need a little bit of sewing experience but these are really easy!

Pyjama Bottoms

You will need:

  • Enough fabric to cut out two legs (cheap fabric can be found by searching charity shops for duvet covers, curtains or table clothes in a fabric you like)
  • Your pattern
  • Dressmaking pins
  • A pair of dressmaking scissors (or a pair of strong, sharp scissors)
  • Machine thread in a colour which matches your fabric
  • Sewing machine (or a needle, if you are very patient)
  • Enough elastic for the waistband (you may be able to rescue the elastic from the old pair of pyjamas)
  • A safety pin

What to do:

  1. Fold the fabric in half and pin the pattern to the fabric (through both layers).
  2. Carefully cut out the fabric along the edge of the pattern.
  3. Remove the pins, you will now have two pieces of fabric which are a mirror image of each other.
  4. Fold the legs in half so that the right side of the fabric (the side you want to see when you are wearing the pyjamas) is on the inside.  Line up the long straight edges and pin together, this will form the seam which goes down the inside of the legs.
  5. Stitch along the long straight edge leaving a 1.5cm seam allowance (the distance between the edge of the fabric and the stitching).
  6. Press the seam flat and neaten using your favoured technique (here’s a tutorial on finishing seams which offers lots of options ).
  7. When this has been done for both legs, turn one leg so it is now the right-way-out.
  8. Place the leg which is the right-way-out inside the leg which is inside-out, align all the edges and seams.
  9. Pin along the curved edge and stitch, again leaving a 1.5cm seam allowance.
  10. Stitch along this seam for a second time, follow the first line of stitching as closely as possible.  This will ensure that this seam is strong.
  11. Carefully trim off excess fabric from the seam allowance (leave about 0.5cm) and neaten this seam with zig-zag stitch.
  12. Pull one leg out of the other and ensure the pyjamas are inside-out.
  13. Press the top edge (waist band) of the pyjamas down 0.5cm.  Repeat, this time turning the edge down by 3cm and pinning down.
  14. Stitch along the top edge leaving about 2.5-3cm between the edge and the stitching (so that the stitching traps the turned down fabric).  Leave a gap of about 5cm.
  15. Pin the safety pin to one end of the elastic, insert into the hole and use the safety pin to pull the elastic all the way through the channel of fabric.  Ensure the other end of the elastic does not disappear down the channel.
  16. When the safety pin reaches the hole again, remove the safety pin and stitch the ends of elastic together.  If you are unsure that the elastic is the correct length try the pyjamas on before stitching the ends together.
  17. Stitch along the last 5cm to close the hole.
  18. With the pyjamas still inside out, turn up the bottom of the legs by 0.5cm.  Repeat and pin.
  19. Stitch along the bottom of the legs close to the edge.
  20. Ta da!  One brand new pair of pyjamas.

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