Christmas Recipe File


Searching the internet for gift ideas I came across several suggestions to make books of favourite family recipes as a gift.  But none of them had any suggestions about how to go about it.  As it happens last year I made my mum a file of Christmas recipes cards, this is what I did:

Christmas Recipe File

You will need:

  • An A5 ring binder (you could use A4 but A5 is a nice, convenient size for recipe cards)
  • Favourite recipes
  • Computer and printer
  • Laminater
  • A5 lamination pouches
  • Standard 2-hole punch
  • Single hole punch smaller than the 2-hole punch (desirable but not necessary)

What to do:

  1. Type out the recipes and design the page layout as desired (don’t forget to set the page to A5).  I illustrated mine but if you are not so artistically inclined it is easy to find free, nice clip art online.
  2. Print and trim as necessary.
  3. If you have two sizes of punch, punch the paper with the 2-hole punch as you would for anything you were going to put in a ring binder.  If you only have the one size, do not punch at this stage.
  4. Laminate the pages.
  5. If you have already punched holes, use the smaller punch to make holes in the plastic inside the existing holes (this means that there are no holes in the lamination and helps prevent the ink running should they get wet).  If you only have one punch, punch as you would for anything you were going to put in a ring binder.
  6. Place the cards into the file.  Add cover pages and file dividers as desired.

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